Monthly Special

Cold smoked mackerel is a specialty fish with a traditional golden tint. The refined taste, the fine aroma, and picturesque appearance make this fish a wonderful garnish for any table.


Featured Wine


Murfatlar is a sprightly, bright red wine, with a harmonious floral bouquet and oaky tones. It has a well-balanced content of tannin and a good evolution after the maturation, with a fruity taste of gooseberries. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of 16-17 degrees Celsius (60-62 degrees F), accompanying venison, grilled specialties, lamb, smoked meat, and quality cheese toward the end of the meal.

Murfatlar Merlot

Featured Sausage

Salami Square
A lean mixture of pure pork finely chopped with mustard seed and a hint of garlic. During fermentation, the salami is pressed to produce its square shape. Product is gently smoked for 7 days and air dried for a minimum 28 days.

Salami Square

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